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FL Studio

2010-10-17 12:50:32 by WinterDagger2

Horray! I just got FL Studio, and now I can finally make music! Although I would prefer recording instead of using the generated sounds, I can live with it. I've submitted 4 songs in the last two days, because I've been recovering from oral surgery with nothing else to do but mess with FL Studio, which has paid off: I know how to use it now!

Check out my music submissions! They could be techno, industrial, heavy metal, classical... anything. Whatever I feel like making, I make. And yes, I know the The Dreamcatcher and The War is Won sound similar. I know. The Dreamcatcher was my test song, the first song I made with FL Studio, and I was testing the capabilities of FL Studios FL Slayer effect generator. Anyway, check out my stuff! Remember to rate, and reveiw my music, and download it if you like it!

Chao, WinterDagger2


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